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Xao Productions – the biggest crew of funk in NY city!


Who is and what is the Xão Productions?

We formed XAO in 2007 with Mc Gringo when we hosted his tour up here in NYC. Since then we played with him in Rio, alongside Dj Marlboro, Dj Sandrinho, Diplo and Haaksman at Tim Festival 2007. We throw various Bailes here in NYC, with NOSSA crew… and i DJ for Zuzuka Poderosa alot.

I’ve personally gone to the Favela, and recorded with Mc Maiquinho, Mc Vakao, Mc Gus, Mc Ombrinho. they make vinhetas for me, cause they know we are the only real funkeiros here in the states. i also went twice to Complexo do Alemao.. CHATUBA!! with Mc Gringo … MC Smith. very cool shit. lots of guns… and BIG Soundsystem.

Like i said.. we are launching an album with Mc Gringo… FUNK CUMBIA.. with Frikstailers… Uproot Andy n more producers very soon.

we also produced Zuzuka Poderosa’s songs – Chama do Bombeiro and ‘Brooklyn Baile funk’ with 77Klash.

me and zuzuka last month = LIVE!

here’s a clip from our New York Baile funk Boat party we do each year… this clip is from 2009

Pon de XÃO !!!

our goal is to fight for the Funk!!! we love it. and we can tell you do too!

Tell me, who are the xao? Like, the names of crew.

Members… Myself (Comrade), Chaach, Kokos Kypros and Mc Gringo / Mc Gus in Brasil. Jaymay (aka JMAY) joined this year in NYC.

Like i mentioned, Mc Maiquinho is an affiliate as well… this is one of the vinhetas he did for me at his house in the Favela.

Dj Amazing Clay is a close friend and XAO member too… this year we launched his album – Funk é Cultura.

I am also friends with Dj Cabide. when he did shows here in the states, he stayed with me. we shared Pontos, and practiced on MPC together. a dream come true for me!!

How americans receive the baile funk? They assimilate the sound with bmore, they like the mix or they want just baile funk?

I think we assimilate Bmore alot because Baltimore club style is like the baile funk of the USA. We also mix with House, Dancehall and even Cumbia!! I do this on the MPC, because here, the people cannot listen to Tamborzao for too long…;)

After Tim Festival, do you participate of another festival?

Festivals – since there is no more Funk Mundial at Tim Festival, I have not played there since. But i have performed at big bailes up here in – Hawaii, Canada, France, Philadelphia, Newark New Jersey and of course New York. Chaach is living out on the west coast, Portland Oregon, opening up the sound to the people there.

So you have played i Hawaii, Canada, France, Philadelphia, Newark, New Jerse y and etc…well, i think i saw this in Rio. People here (or most of them) dont see baile funk/funk carioca as eletronic music. They say it as they manifestation, lika a way to express your opnion and reality. The gringos in anothers contrys/stats see funk as brasilian music?

Yes… they see baile funk as brazilian, IF they know what it is at all. but when you mix the styles, it is easier for them to accept it…. and DANCE. One thing that is important, is that music is universal, and if it has a good beat – people dance to it.

BUT… alot of the Brazilians here see baile funk as ghetto music only for people from the Favela, and they hate it. They think its a bad influence on the children, because of the sexual lyrics and support for trafficantes/crime. just as hip-hop music was discriminated against for years before it was accepted by most in the main-stream.

How do you see the baile funk?

I see baile funk as what it is… music of the people, and for the people. it is raw, fun, contemporary and yes… the expression of the social realities in the Favelas of Brasil. it is a movement of the poor/oppressed people. i enjoy it for its energy… the swing of the tambor is addictive, the Portuguese lyrics are the most unique sounding. there is nothing like it. Funk producers aren’t afraid to sample ANYTHING. any sample.. as long as it makes you dance.

Xão Productions:

Swedish House Mafia – One (JMAY’s Baile House Remix)



Brooklyn Ghetto Fabulosa-Zuzuka Poderosa ft 77Klash by CHAACH!!!

Video – Dj Comrade:


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