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Munchi and Rasterinha – Interview


We know there is a lot of foregin friends who acess Funk na Caixa. Thinking on that, we – some times – write posts about funk and neo funk, interviews,  in english, to help the understading of our friends.

Recently, Munchi released the Vol.II – Contos do Caderinho Verde.  A Ep of Rasterinha and we did a interview with him to digital magazine Vice – brazilian version -, and of course, transalate it to portuguese. So we thougth: hey, we have it on english too, let’s share. And here is, guess you enjoy it!

Munchi, how was your reaction to hearing the Rasterinha?

I heard Mc Tipock’s track before, but since I was in a place without internet I didn’t really pay attention. Then when talking to Omulu and Comrade we talked about it and I was shown that track by Mc Romantico, the “As Novinhas Tao Sensacional” track. DAMN. The fact that Funk slowed down to around 96 bpm, the standard Reggeton bpm, was so crazy! Like I know that there were some experiments before with mixing Reggeton and Funk by the Funk producers and that there were artists like Senhores Cafetoes doing Reggeton in Portuguese with subtle references to Funk + a Funk style of singing (for example that ‘Ela Quer Dancar‘ track), but an actual “new” rhythm that was 100% Funk – it blew my mind. It was so minimalistic and straight to the point.

I’m really looking forward to hearing all of the variations that are going to pop up, especially the heavier ones. I have been making a lot of heavy ones in anticipation too haha. Funk has been a very big influence in my music and I always tried incorporating Funk rhythms in everything, also Moombahton. In “La Brasilena Ta Montao” you can hear those rhythms for example and for Moombahton I made a shitload of Funk based rhythms to use on 108, so it was a real obvious step to start making

Rasterinha, the only difference being that now the 96 bpm is actual Funk, instead of Funk inspired stuff on 108. I think you could imagine the excitement for this lol!

 How is your creative process for producing tracks?

It varies, sometimes I sit on tracks for years trying to be in the right mindset to finish them. Sometimes I finish them right after I started haha.This was one of those occasions and right after hearing the Mc Romantico track I started making stuff. If it’s a genre I’m not familiar with I try to learn everything about it and try to understand the genre’s elements, where after that it’s either mixed with stuff that are my influences or I just keep it true to the genre. The difference in this project was that before starting I already grew tired of the overpolished way of producing. So a change in direction was that since I use the same program as most Funk

producers (Acid Pro) I’d use some of the same methods of producing to keep it more raw. And since I have been listening to a lot of Psychedelic and Lo Fi stuff, I incorporated some of those influences in there too. Also, there were two Brazilian tracks in specific that I always wanted to remix. One of them made the track ‘Gracias‘ (with the Beth Carvalho sample) and the other finally was made possible in the form of ‘O Pernambulante’. I tried various ways, but it never worked out.

When doing it in Rasterinha it instantly made sense. I’m really thankful that that one in particular was made possible.

Is there any sound that helps you get into the mood of Brazilian culture?

Well ever since I started to listen to Funk I used to Beatbox or hum the rhythm everywhere I was. When listening to some of the live recordings and videos I heard that that was commonplace. Later on that became one of the staples in the genre and that already evolved into countless awesome variations too. This type of beat as you know is still evolving as we speak.

Also the type of feel for rhythm that Brazilians have and that type of melodic influence is really inspiring. It’s like it’s in the blood and it has a very own sense. Hearing about how that Mc Naldinho track got made with a motorcycle helmet and the beatbox, kinda proves the point haha! And with all these different Tamborzao’s and Atabaques that sounded so fucking out there, it still had this same exact feel. Just like that Reggeton track by Senhores Cafetoes that obviously is Reggeton, but even if that is the case, you still hear that it is Brazilian Reggeton. That is a great quality to have, being able to do different stuff and still be able to stay close to the roots.

It’s the Year Cup in Brazil, this can facilitate the love of Brazilian music worldwide?

Sure, with all the tourism and press stuff I think it would be a big push for Brazilian music in general and that’s a good look. But I think it would be bigger genres like Samba that would get the attention. There is obviously a lot of money interest involved so for the anthem it probably will be a safe bet with a familiar face on some Flo Rida shit that doesn’t have anything to do with the culture over there. Like, it would be fucking awesome to hear a Funk anthem as the track for the World Cup! Could you imagine Catra and Sandrinho making a track for the World Cup anthem yo?! That would be fucking amazing! Or what about a Rasterinha track being the anthem for this World Cup. That would be so sick!

You’ve released 13 Ep’s of different styles. Tell me how this helps you produce new styles, like rasterinha.

Is that so? How did you get to 13 lol?! Well with all these different EP’s I had to learn the basics and try to understand the elements of these genres. Than after making those EP’s these elements became another possibility in the pallet of producing. That made Club music and Funk a very big element in the productions, since it had the same elements that attracted me to Reggeton in the first place, which in Reggeton’s case later on got away after it got too polished.

Another example is that after making the Rotterdam Juke EP that influence really took over in a lot of productions. In all these different genres there are always some similarities connecting it with each other, even if they seem so far apart there is always some part that connects it. The same thing is with Rasterinha and even though it just started you kinda hear the whole history when you hear that rhythm. And with all this experimenting with Funk rhythms and faster and slower BPM’s in these past years, it made it an obvious step to experiment with Rasterinha now. It has this really familiar sense to it, while being something completely fresh.

Among the songs already released, which is the one that best represents the carioca swing in rasterinha?

Now that it’s something new and everyone is jumping on it, it’s always the case that people jump on it to be one of the first instead of actually listening to it to get to know and learn it. In the midst of all of that I think that Omulu’s tracks really stand out by far and the collaboration of him and Comrade too. They seem to really understand Rasterinha and another big point is that they know all about Funk too. That ‘Bagulho Doido’ track really raised the bar and made in a way that you don’t have an excuse anymore to not play Rasterinha!

I guess the Mc Tipock and Mc Romantico track represent it the best as a “track”, but the Mc Naldinho track represents it best as a feel. The rhythm speaks for itself. Then you have the Mc Rhenc one is so fucking annoying because it stays in your head all the fucking time. And that ‘huu’ sound so subtile, but it adds so much! I love it haha!

With Moombahton, your productions encouraged other producers to set up and it spawned an entire movement. Can this happen to rasterinha too?

Yes definitely. I think Rasterinha could be huge, but I hope that the experimenting with the rhythms also gets to be done by the Funk producers themselves first without too much influence from outside. Since it’s still very much at the start of everything. On the other hand it could be a really cool if it’s going to be a new

movement that would bring the Funk DJ’s and Mc’s closer, to work on an international level too. It still doesn’t sit right that after that whole hype with Funk the Funk DJ’s and Mc’s didn’t profit off of it as the international artists that came there for inspiration did – by far. If that would be used as a big lesson – who knows how big

this shit could get!

There are rumors that you come to Brazil in March. How strong are these rumors?

Well there are a lot of things that I like, that are from over there lol. So I wouldn’t see that as something that is impossible. Who knows.

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