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Introducing Sapabonde

As we announced in the podcast’s, September was the month of release and we’re talking about SapaBonde. A very stripped group that comes from Brasilia, 8 Mc’s who play girls ‘lesbian’. Each has created a role on the bonde and creating rhymes with really interesting and creative. They has done a very nice funk right there in the lively capital of Brazil. With a little encouragement from the staff at the Funk na Caixa, they went to the studio and recorded some bases. We from Funk na Caixa, send to some producers friends and the result was amazing. To be honest, was higher than we thought (we SapaBonde and staff).

And you confere all this stuff now on this second post about Sapabonde, now in english.

(Para você brasileiro, segue o link da entrevista em português, mas as novas músicas estão no final da página)

Well,  we will first present the Sapabonde, Who are the members of SapaBonde?

In total there are 8 girls on the bonde!

MC Jubinha MC Holy Maria MC Mari Versatil (translating Mc Mari Versatile) Mc Luara Marola de Fogo ( translating: MC Moonee Marola Fire) MC Tava G. MC Nina Afeta as Minas (translating: MC Nina affects the girls) MC Sereia (translating : MC Mermaid/Siren) MC Carol Bitch

How came the idea to get together and do a bonde of funk?

MC Maria – Well, say something that was not premeditate.One day, in a burst of creativity, and started drumming a few verses of nowhere! Then take the feel of it, we realized that was getting very nice and made it a habit! It began as “Funk de Boteco”(Tavern’s Funk) because we would find the group in a bar and suddenly we were banging on tables and making funk! lol

MC Luara Marola de Fogo – And that was flowing feel that gave the initial face Sapabonde of friendship and joke. We are an authentic, and perhaps the first group of Bar Funk Prohibited Lesbian!

MC Nina – All our original rhymes, started from inside of ourselves, or one mine to another big bust, and making funny the stereotypes existing in our group of friends. After all, you guys saw the video huh?, We are a quite heterogeneous group. And I think we can say “Funk de Roda*,” instead of “Funk BOTECO”.

*in Brazil, the samba starts at Samba de Roda* (samba of whell) but it is a expression, because people sitting in a circle to play samba.

You’ve got to perform there in Brasilia?

MC Maria – Not yet, it is difficult to bring to the table in the bar scene! lol But many people know, because we started tapping on the table in the bar, everyone listened! After a while the crowd began singing along and it was there we realized the potential we had! MC Luara Marola de Fogo. – That’s right, who usually joins the bonde in some bar, someone’s house or at our parties, roll and a pike or if people ask, we sing. Only it’s flowing feel that they’re even in the videos, the presentation does not show is never rolled.

What is the reaction of the crowd when they hear the music?

MC Maria – Well, most people really like. Think fun and funny, which is exactly what we want to show But I also have some person who don’t share our sense of humor, think we are attacking the girls, encouraging violence, disrespecting people, which is by no means the our goal. We are doing lesbian funk, funk bass and “proibidão*”! LOL Some people understand the irony, other don’t. = P MC Luara Marola de Fogo – This is a fact. It is also a fact that there are several ways to interpret, there isnt?, and people choose what they want to understand. Most people who share the same universe of information that our, and who has access to other funk that are self ironic and almost comical with an appeal, such as Bonde do Role, Bonde das Impostora and, take out and enjoy a lot our letters. Now, people who have no contact with this “underground scene” end up confusing us with the production of Funk who are in mainstream media, which in most cases, when it comes to sex, men fuc and women give. There is some difficult to understand that Sapabonde fuck if want and give if want. Mock these stereotypes does not mean it fits them for Sapabonde.

*at a point in Rio de Janeiro, they are making funk “proibidão”(prohibited). It means there is porn lyrics and lyrics about traffic drugs on Rio, so the terms ‘proibidão’ became a point of baile funks. Like: normal funks, to everyone and proibidão to people of favela.

When you are singing or composing, you interpret a role, or you are exactly what they sing?

MC Maria – Yes, the role of MC. Despite all the rhymes have a deep sense of truth and make much sense to us, they are also an irony, exaggeration, and it is as if we had decided who would interpret who in the group, several terms in order to stereotypes, to go breaking one by one. But in real life, outside of the letters, we keep messing it all the time about the same things. I, for one, think I’m more than Sapabonde Nina Monteiro. It Happens huh?, Addictive, we put the shirt of Sapabonde and parading out. But it does not literally mean that we DO everything SING IN LETTERS.

It is very difficult to gather all the girls?

MC Maria – Well, yeah. Mainly because the funk STILL are not paying our bills! lol Everybody is studying and / or work, have their appointments often do not match. But we try to meet at least once a week! If doesn’t happen, we have miss! hehehe MC Luara Marola de Fogo – Oh, not so much Maria! In the beginning yes, but the emergence of technology are very helpful … Actually we are very friends, so there are some (many) emails, phone calls and it’s already a (most of) the whole crowd joins in the street in the rain at the farm or in a thatched cottage.

What do you think of the remixes that the guys did to Sapabonde ?

MC Maria – I thought GENIAL!

MC Carol – We all loveeeee it! And also we are very happy to see the amount of djs interested in doing remixes of our songs!

MC Luara Marola de Fogo – Pretty good! And I think now we just have to strengthen partnerships, and play more seriously!

MC Nina – It was like a thermometer. “Man, they want to produce us?” to measure our potential, and encouraged us to improve.

There is an video of you singing Sapabonde. There are other videos on the way?

MC Maria – Yes, yes! We intend to maintain a stream of videos on youtube, is there anyway that the guys knew the bonde!

MC Luara Marola de Fogo – Yeah, and it is a contact mass for those who do not meet us at the bar for the video captures quite the “aura” of Sapabonde Funk Boteco. And we have a new batch of videos warm from the oven!

How was the first contact you with the funk?

MC Maria – Well, I think it was like most people, party, club, tv, radio. Carol and I are MC and DJs who love to play more funk and fidget! Eduk, Bonde do Role, Deize Tigrona, MIA, Diplo (and now SAPABONDE!) Are on our wish list!

Tell for people like how is the electronic music scene in Brasilia.

MC Mary – Well, last year the flow of electronic music festivals and underground indie (which is more our favorite) increased amazingly! I, MC Carol and MC Versatil parties have a producer called Sterica Productions, so we’re always on that area. Only in 2010, was signed in Brasilia 4-producing electronic music festivals. Regarding the DJs, with such a herd of parties that arrived here, many DJs have been discovered and many DJs GENIES again active. For all styles, Brasilia finally threw in the class of cities that never sleep!

Talking with Carol, she told me that you have three songs ready, has many more to launch?

MC Maria – We have around six, seven songs all ready, just missing record. But we intend to continue creating new and amazing things ever! We already have several ideas for new songs! This is addictive! lol

Who is the MC who calls you more attention?

MC Carol – It’s hard to single out only one .. but I think all will agree with me if I say MC Gi, Deise Tigrona and Marina Gasolina.

What would be the Top 5 of funk for you?

Bonde Do Role – Divine gosa M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun Deise Tigrona – Bandida MC Gi – Mexicu Caliente Gaiola das Popozudas – My Pussy É o Poder (!)

Now, the main point, the productions!

Vai Nao Se Esconde (Diamond Bass Remix)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/sapabonde-vai-nao-se-esconde-ophex-remix.mp3

SapaBonde – Vai Nao Se Esconde (Ophex Remix)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/vai-nao-se-esconde.mp3

Vai não se Esconde(hat+hoodie remix) – Sapabondehttps://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/sapabonde-vai-nao-se-esconde-guto-de-almeida-dj-carnaval-mix.mp3

Sapabonde – Vai Não Se Esconde (Guto de Almeida DJ – Carnaval MIX)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/sapabonde-ft-el-super-gummi-vai-nao-se-esconde.mp3

sapabonde ft. el super gummi – vai nao se escondehttps://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/06-apresentacao-sapabonde-max-le-daron-remix.mp3

Apresentacao Sapabonde (Max le Daron Remix)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/07-apresentacao-sapabonde-marvy-da-pimp-remix.mp3

Apresentacao Sapabonde (Marvy Da Pimp remix)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/08-sapabonde-de-role-rip-knoxx-remix.mp3

SapaBonde de Role (Rip Knoxx Remix)

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