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Introducing Mc Gringo

(Link para a entrevista em português)

Tell us about your career before arriving in Rio de Janeiro.

I ever played in bands. The first, which was made with local success is Basti Schwarz (now a part of the duo Tiefschwarz, known in Housemusic), I played guitar and sang and played drums Basti – it was Funpunk. In the end, the band was trying to forget the loss of my mother and my father, who died during two years of surpress. With 18 years I calmed down a bit and formed the ska-band “The lodgers” (http://www.myspace.com/thelodgersska).

I did not study after school and started learning the profession of  ‘dealer industry’, an enterprise. There I had a phone for work for the band. Though I be the youngest of the band, I’ve got shows, studio and the first contract for an album (The lodgers – Rude Records). The band grew cool and we spent all our vacation from work to do shows out of town and country (Sweden, Austria, Switzerland). In 1992 I finished the profession of ‘industrial dealer’ and started a second profession, who was a journalist. Unlike Brazil, we learn that profession not only in college, but also a business, practicing. I worked in radio ‘Stadtradio Powerstation-‘, with only one channel on television and dancemusic SAT-1. It was cool, I get contacts to get more shows and albums for the band.

In 1995 I left the band, that went to Greece to work as animateur for tourists. After one season I went back to Germany and without the band I was kinda depressed and took (as many Germans at that time) and freaked out candy in electronic music. I encountered my friend Marco Zaffarano, a famous Techno-DJ and he offered me to MC the shows with him. So I worked on during the week at the label Intercord Records Alternation (Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Moby) and at the weekend I traveled with Marco for UK and Czech Republic to do shows.

In 1998 I won an audition for a project, and then did shows with this project until 2000. Beside all the projects, I always liked reggae and always attended the concerts of the ‘Luckypunchsoundsystem’. In 2000 I found four Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais a very crazy people who live today in Germany. With them I started playing a Mixtured between Reggae & Pagoda. I felt better with the guitar in hands and friends on the drums than the guys in the middle of Techno.

In 2002 we opened the show in the Funk’n’Lata Stuttgat Zapata (Grand nightclub demus America), it was during the World Cup. When I heard Funk’n’Lata, I say: This is my rhythm. I asked people what they were playing and it is Funk. After the World Cup they did another show at Zapata and the event was a great celebration of the World Cup of Brazilians.

Because of the fact that I had many friends in Brazil at that time and the euphoria after the World Cup I’d like to know Brazil urgent. Then came the invitation from our percussionist Jens, who was in Minas Gerais. He was in Divinópolis vacation and called me. So I went there and my life changed. I really enjoyed the Brazil and returned to Germany just to work four months to join a money to support myself three months in Brazil. the 3 months got longer, now it’s almost 8 years

MC Gringo & MC Nem – Focky Me Baby ( Bumps Horny Funk Mix) :

Arriving in Rio, how was your first contact with the Baile Funk?

The first contact were the sound system of the Bunker. I lived in “Julia de Castilho 35” on the second floor above the club Bunker and sound left the trembling floor of our house – so this was the first contact .. The first person who introduced me to people in the business of Funk and took me to Bailes Favela was my faithful friend, the great MC Binho Rocinha (he also made a contribution on my CD Gringão and have a disc with remixes from Stereo MC ‘s one of our music 1 Real)

Throughout your career as an MC, what are the biggest difficulties do you met because you are from funk.

I’m more a musician and would like to do more shows with guitar, percussion and voice. Unfortunately in most Bailes is not equipped to do so and the advisers also in Rio does not give much value to this segment. MC Leozinho deserves respect, because he managed to something really cool.  In Funk most MC’s have trouble, they like large lyrics and contents conscious. Success are guys who sing on stage in mounting live or worse, they sing playback, something ridiculous. My song ‘Focky Focky’ mock that kind of joked Funk, but most people do not realize that it was an irony … My new music with Schlachthof Bronx & MC Not ‘Focky me baby’ is an attempt to make a very light and bitching with a lyric, which is more than just a chorus. The release of Funk is a difficulty for yourself.

There is much difference in the way the Brazilians treat the music in relation to the Germans?

Yes, the Brazilian music is superior over any other music of this world. There are so many, but even so many artists of high quality (it does, whether it be alive or dead) in Brazil, which for me was really a shock when I arrived in Brazil. There is so many information. My favorites are Cartola, Bebeto & Benito di Paula. A difference of songwriters and producers is that in Germany all the artists register their songs.

How are going your productions?

Everythings is great. Okay, I work at a steady job and have children, so it’s kind of difficult with time. I realized that when we still working in a job, we gave more value to the moments that we have to make music. I’m proud to be a key person among the worlds of Funk National and International Funk. I get daily calls from people who want to work with me. They are people of national and international market. After I started working I could not do many more shows and links of Friends MC’s, DJ’s thrilled me.

There is much collaboration from another ‘gringos’?

Absolutely. I choose my collaborators always very well. For the song ‘Focky me baby’ with MC Nem I chose producing the highest quality. There are remixes of Schlachthof Bronx (München), Uproot Andy (New York), Copia Doubleflex (Kopenhagen), The Bumps (London), Amazing Clay (Rio de Janeiro) and Bloodshake (Sao Paulo). The version of Schlachthof Bronx will be as a highlight on the disc’s label manrecordings number 50.  In my project Funkumbia, which will be released in a co-Xao Productions of New York with Global Recordings Ghetto London I joined several new stars of the Cumbia movement together with me and MC’s women. The producers of the project are Frikstailers, El remolón, Chancha, Copia Doubleflex, Uproot Andy.

How the audience received you because you are abroad?

Always good.

Have you ever made a show out of Rio? If so, tell us the experience

I did a tour in 2007 (U.S.) and three tours in 2008 (Europe twice and once Argentina). In my opinion the Baile Funk movement wasn’t manifested 100% yet. Funk has to join with other segments, in my opinion with Cumbia, Ska, Reggae and electronic music.

Which was you best performance?

My best performance at the Jô Soares*. I am an admirer of Jô and sit in front of him in conversation was lively and a great honor for me. I knew that with the music chosen in Jô Soares “German” (Amazing Clay Producers & I ) I picked a hard song to disclose. But I like her handwriting and the reaction from the audience touched me too, ditto the praise of Jô.

*Jô Soares is a famous interviewer in Brazil, like Larry King in US.

What Mc Gringo has to this second semester?

“Focky me baby” is the last song of  ligth ‘putaria’ to me and will be violent released in the second half 2010. Then I’ll work harder in the future with the movement ‘Apafunk’ my friends ‘Junior & Leonardo’. I do not want to disclose. I want a good spread Funk, I want to create a good Funk, I want to analyze and produce with the best national and international artists.

Which producer calls more you attention?

Schlachthof Bronx (München/Alemanha), DJ Leo (Rio de Janeiro), DJ Comrade (Xão Productions N.Y.), The Bumps (London) e The Frikstailers (Cordoba/Argentina)

Which is your top 5 from Baile Funk?

1. MC Galo – To bolado

2. MC Alex – Bandeira da Paz

3. Mr Catra – Prazeres escondidinho

4. Junior & Leonardo – Favela

5. MC Playboy – Por amor

Do you want to leave a mensage to readers?

Do not give in monoculture and boredom of the tribes. Anything you like, what works fine in your ears, it is good for you.https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/focky-me-baby-mc-gringo-mc-nem-mixed-by-uproot-andy-n-y.mp3

Focky me Baby – Mc Gringo feat Mc Nem (Mixed by uproot andy NY)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/mc-gringo-mc-nem-fock-me-baby-by-bloodshake.mp3

MC gringo + MC nem – fock me baby by bloodshakehttps://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/sookie-bumps-sookie-soca-mix.mp3


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