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Interview with The Bumps

We talked with The Bumps, a great producer and have been shaking the scene in London. Along with the magnificent João Brasil and James Hurrel, they set up Club Popozuda, a party of  funk carioca and Brazilian sounds. With much style  Bumps told how was the trip to Rio de Janeiro, because he wanted to know where and how was the origin of this style that both enchants. Moreover, talks about his project of Global Ghetto, a label for the ghetto musics. If you already know the work of Bumps, you knows his great remixes are not available for download, and here you will discover why:

(Link da entrevista em Português)

I read in somewhere,that you came to Rio de Janeiro and after this point, when you return from your trip, you started to produced and remixed baile funk. It was proposital this trip or you came, like the sound and started to produce?

It’s true I did spend some time in Rio, but I was already making and playing Funk long before then. The main reason for me to go to Rio was I felt that if you are making Baile Funk then you should know the people involved and check out where it’s coming from rather than just over the internet. So I hit Rio, touched down with my boy MC Gringo and he showed me around.

Eu Fumo (Bumps Neo Baile Mix) – Deize Tigrona

What you expected from baile funk when you have the idea to come to Rio? When you back to London, you still with the same idea about baile funk culture? Your produces, after your visit, changed? get better?

Well I was well aware of the energy of the Baile and the fact that it was a little bit dangerous at times ‘coz of the guns and stuff. I kind of thought that some of the people involved in the music might be a bit gangsta and some definitely are. But, people who make music or DJ are more or less the same all over the world, they love music and that means you instantly connect with them. They recognise a brother.

What I really learnt was about the politics of Funk in the Favela. I don’t want to go into it, but there are some people in Funk who don’t get along too well and in Rio that can be bad, very bad. It reminds me a bit of the hardcore scene in East London in the early 90’s. There’s some darkness there. But it’s not all Tropa de Elite, there is beauty in the Favela as well. I really loved the fact that you would see kids chilling on the corner playing Tamborzao or Voltmix on their phones and having MC battles. One night in Rocinha I was hanging with the great MC Dolores and Gringo and they were MCing away for ages, I was in heaven.

Actually going to Rio did change my Funk. The main difference was getting to work with MC’s and get original vocals on my beats. But also, now I’ve been it affords me much more credibility in the Funk community and the global scene in general. One of the best things I ever did! I can’t wait to get back. I know I have real friends there now and some new ones that I still have to meet. I will never be Do Morro but I will represent my brothers who are.

As for London, when I came back I was well buzzed up. I felt I knew much clearer how to produce funk and how Club Popozuda should be presented. I also put a lot more performance into my DJing. I do Popozuda with Joao Brasil and he uses an APC controller which is very creative, so I have to be very creative too. My weapons of choice are Serato and Dicers. The other big thing is that I’m starting a label between LDN & RDJ with MC Gringo called Global Ghetto.

About music, you said you met peoples who loves music, and made connection with they. As a London guy, i think you see the baile funk as brasilian eletronic music. Do you think the carioca see the baile funk as this way? How they recived you, as a gringo producer of baile funk?

Well, for a start Cariocas don’t call it Baile Funk! As we know, that refers to the parties. But I think they just see Funk as their Ghetto expression, the voice of the Favela, just like Hip-Hop was in New York in the late 70s. Of course then they think it’s a bit weird when a white boy westerner  starts making and playing the Funk. Some were suspicious, but most except me soon enough coz’ I can bring the beats! I tell them why I love the Funk.

When Todd Terry was killing it back in the day, he had a raw club sampled sound that I loved and still do, that was mostly created on drum machines, SP1200 and MPC 3000. For me, Funk comes closest to capturing that sort of energy and excitement that a Todd tune could carry. Combine that with the vibes of the Rave scene in England in the 80s and you have a similar vibe to the Baile Funk. Beleza!

When you will release your productions of baile funk? Do you will use it to start your label?

I’m assembling a Funk Collective right now and it will be the first release on “Global Ghetto”. I will tell you the details when it’s ready. It’s gonna be large!

Prado Junior Mega Mix ( feat Mc Gringo & Nog Dog):

Why the name The Bumps?

It’s my nickname. First I was “Baby Sean” then I put out stuff under the name “Baby Bumps”and people started calling me Bumps and I was getting a bit old to be a baby, so I became Bumps.

Can you tell us a Top 10 of Baile Funk music?

1. Tchutchuca treme – Furacao 2000

(I love this and it’s always in my set)

2. Rap das Armas – MC Junior & Mc Leonardo

(very obvious I know, but it’s a classic, I love it and I think Junior & Leonardo are the best)

3. Tenta Todo Mundo Tenta – Mãe Loira do Funk

(this tune is a blueprint for funk, beleza)

4. Crente lango lango – Mcs Marcos e Wallace

(massive tune)

5. Foguetada – Mc_Funk_(Sandrinho DJ)

(for me Sandrinho is amazing. A master on the MPC and this tune is killer!)

6. Funk Sensation – DJ Edgar

(another massive tune from my favourite Funk producer. Always drops)

7. Ta que ta (Vs Samba – F2 Studio) – Mr Catra

(the king of putaria, what a voice!)

8. Arrastão (europeanmix) – MC Gringo & DJ Sandrinho

(MC Gringo, to know him is to love him! Uber-Don)

9. Rivalidade (Alex DJ MPC) – Mc Katia

(I really like Alex MPCs tunes, want him to something for Global Ghetto)

10. Balanca mais nao para (Dennis DJ) – Mc Buiu

(This tune never-ever fails. Big big tune. Dennis DJ is excellent)

Club Popozuda Mixtape #6 by The Bumps:

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