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Interview with La Bombacion

Now a days, a producer has drawn much of our attention, the producer Bruno Queiroz. With his project La Bombacion, did some studies with the funk carioca  in which he mixed with other Latin rhythms on  trip he made along the South America With great skill, was able to dismantle and reuse our famous tamborzão, creating  in different compositions of mashups or with known samplers and beats of funk carioca. A nice interview to learn more about music, culture, remix and ideas:

Ps: clique aqui para ler a entrevista em Português.

What  is the La Bombación?

La Bombación is a project from Bruno Queiroz- a Latin/Ethnic/Electronica music project.

How did you named the project and the come to be?

Naming a project was always something difficult for me. At a certain point, I started to look for ideas in situations that I found myself in. I remember one time when I was in Uruguay- I hardly knew portuñol- and after I had gone to see a movie I asked, “Donde está la bombación?” and it became a joke that stayed in my head. I decided to use the blunder as a name. 

Tell about how your trip around South America was.

In 2010, I went to seven countries in six months, all of it by bus, backpacking. It changed my perception about a lot of things. Now, I would have liked to spend at least a year doing the route since it all went very fast. What impacted me most about it was learning how diverse culture is in South America, how little we know. And from there, concluding that there’s a lot more to discover in the world.

After your trip, how do you see Baile Funk?

It was only on the trip that I learned that internationally, Funk (Carioca) was known as “Baile Funk.” Regardless of which is correct, here in Rio it was always known as just “Funk.”

I see a lot of potential. I noticed that several other Latin rhythms (yes, we’re Latinos) that came from the ghetto grew a lot of branches and even generated new styles. I think that it’s going to and it’s already happening with Baile Funk

And how do you see Neo Baile Funk?

I think it’s really good to go along with and participate in a movement of diverse experimentations with Baile Funk. It makes me a little uncomfortable when I see that a large part of these productions ignore the beat and put a 4×4 bass on top and use some reworked vocal samples like in an edit. For me the coolest thing to be explored is the sway of the beat. Unfortunately, a large part of the most interesting productions are being made abroad, but I think there’s a lot of good stuff that comes from here. And also from the favelas, with the cheaper computers and the kids producing with plug-in instead of being held hostage to the price of an MPC.

What do you think about the new scene (national and international) that has been forming for a year now?

I think it’s amazing and its been forming for much longer than that. In 2005, there was already Apavoramento and Rio Neurotic Bass. Funk is looking for new horizons and with more people producing, good things are going to happen everyday.  

Tell us how your party in Rio went and how the presentation with Avassaladores was.

Now in Rio I’m part of Way Out. With three very different floors, the crowd chooses what style they want to listen to…a big party where we can play what we like and what’s difficult to find.

The Avassaladores show was incredible. They’re really good on stage. It surprised me.

And last week I did the first edition of Immigrant, a party aimed at doing world music. With two friends and a special appearance by Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordella, we did it in the street and it turned out really well.

Your productions are really authentic, for example your remix with Sapabonde. How do you come up with your remixes?

I don’t have a formula for doing remixes and I’m always looking for new resources. I like to listen to music or an a capella piece and think of ideas that are totally different from the original. I choose ideas and I try them out.

What can we expect from La Bombación in 2011?

I just finished the 0.5 version of a set/session that I did to produce music in a dynamic way. There’ll be a lot of independent tracks with Funk, Moombahton and Kuduro references, soon an EP, and if possible an album by the end of the year. But I’ve spent a lot of time of my life making plans; today I feel like living day by day. What’s to come later in 2011 will be a surprise. (laughs).

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Translation by: Alyse Pfeil

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