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Interview with Kojack

Recently, a new project came from a young from South (Santa Maria, RS) Kojack. This unpretentiousness almost a teenager, Funk took a different way. Sounding calm and quiet, Alisson showed that there is another aspect to the funk, one part to enjoy, listen and feel the music quietly, without having to get up and dance the good and old tamborzão. We talked with him, to learn more about this young producer.

Who is the Kojack? how did you started your project?

Kojack is Alisson Lopez, a boy with 18 years old, lover of baile funk and great admirer of electronic music, that grow up listening soul music, R&B and Funk Melody. Sounds that was caracterized the 80’s and 90’s with charm and the groove, alsto the “Jovem-Guarda” was in the repertory of sounds that i heard when was young. In chieldhood, together with my dad, I passed a lot of afternoons listening to cd’s and Lp’s. We like to hear cd’s from CashBox, Pippos and Furacão 2000, and we love to feel that amazing groove from voltmix, used in many musics. And the beats from Miami Bass was very popular in musics, something very fantastic to me, and I was growing and watching the evolution of funk, and many things changed: the lyrics, the style and that old image from funk never will leave me. And in a search on internet for new songs of  funk i found a lot of dj’s and producers and listening to all that sounds with voltmix, born in me the wish to make something, that was produce new sounds with a little touch of all that stuff that I heard when was young, and bring it to present: the sound of bailes with a different vision.

Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That ((Kojack Baile Edit))

 Which is your influences to produce?

I’ve a lot of influencer because I’ve a broad vision from funk, but the main influences inside baile funk scence is: Amazing Clay (R.I.P.), I love him sound and I think it’s amazing the produces from Ophex. There is a lot of Dj’s in moombahtom that created a new type of sound, and I think is very important to tell about: Munchi, HeartBreak, Jonh Kwest and others djs of Moombahsoul, where there is many cool songs and not forgeting the dj’s from tradicional baile funk as Dj Edgar, Sany Pitbull and Dj Malboro that in my opnion are the bests, almost live-legends.

How do you see the funk carioca? Because what more call our attention in your produces, is that are calm, not so dancing, running away from comum

I see the funk as everybody, but I’m a funkeiro, I like the funk in differents forms. If play a proibidão I’ll enjoy, if play a old melody I’ll enjot too, if play a new funk I’ll enjoy, so in my prodution is something like i would like to hear, a funk neurótico is good, but a funk with smoothe with a relaxing form…. It even maybe what is missing in present productions, a kind of peace in time to enjoy even in a party ,where you want to talk with a girl, playing a relax sound and ligth, it can help the situation, making everything special and less futile and intersting to both.

I don’t think so, I never heard about any producer in this city/region of my State, where there is many produers is in Porto Alegre, but is too far from here.

 Do you think your style can be a new tendence?

I would like to many other produces from Brazil and gringos too start to create more funk with this calm and relax, to listen. I’d find very nice and will be very happy with this change of our funk.

What in Neo Funk is calling more your attention?

Beats, for sure the beats are more mixed and better produced. Now, it sounds as more electronic beat, really changing the face of ‘dancing funk’ for something more automated but from a cool way, being less repeative that our tradicional funk carioca.

Ela só pega DJ – Kojack Edit

Which is the song/remix that you are more like nowadays? and Why?

I’m listening a lot of R&B and few experimental instrumental sounds, in witch way I want add it to our funk, and I thought it will sounds good.

One remix that I’m listening much is Frank Ocean – Thinking About You(Sango remix) remix from producer Sango from Seattle. In my opnion, he is a big promise to productions in R&B, and in baile funk I’m listening a lot of tradiciontal funk but many remixes that I like is from Dj Wally, it worth to search and listen to it.

What we can expect from Kojack in 2012?

The Kojack will take a break in productions in this first semester of 2012 by informatino and study, I’m creating stuffs to get better in my productions, but I’ve a lot of ideas to remixes and samples to produce more, but it will happen just in second semester, and to help I’ve to finish my home studio improvised.https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/funk-na-caixakojack.mp3

DJ Kojack – Exclusive set to Funk na Caixa (To download it, rigth click and Save as)

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