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Interview with João Brasil

The art of cutting and pasting is more than work of elementary school, now is work of great people and taken seriously. João Brasil is one of the greats of mashup that stand out from the bonding with his creativity and determination (in 2010 made the 365 project, which produced a mashup per day). And in its ambitious project of 365, he managed to draw our attention to the massive amount of mashups with funk. Thus, we discovered his passion for funk and we had to talk to this single peronsalidade. Here we go:

(Link para entrevista em português)

365 Interlude (João Brasil)

Tell us about your career.

I started by playing drums; I had a band that played rock and blues and played at school parties, then I started singing and playing violin. I majored in communications and then went to Berklee in Boston where I majored in music. There I learned to compose and produce electronica. I graduated and returned to Brazil and started a recording and production studio. At that time, I made my first CD, “8 Hits”, that was released by Som Livre. “Baranga” was a topic on Marcos Mion’s show “Mucho Macho” on MTV and I even sang on the show Faustão. At that point I started doing parties in Rio (Calzone and Dancing Cheetah) and Djing. After that I released my first CD of mashups using Baile Funk- “BIG FORBIDDEN DANCE.” Because of that, I played in several cities in Brazil. Now, I live in London, and I’ve been here for a year. I finished my masters in interactive media, I’m doing a mashup project, and I’m going to release my first European EP with Mann Recordings in January.

Why the stage name “João Brasil”?

It’s not 100% a stage name. My mother has “Brasil” in her last time and I don’t. I used her name because I think it’s really good for the type of sound that I make.

Dar-Te-Ei Gasolina (João Brasil)

James Eastwood (João Brasil)

What would you call yourself? A lambada producer, a mashup artist or just an electronic music producer?

I’m a composer, a producer, a musician that uses the computer as a musical instrument. I try to put the most tropicalidade in a global pop context as possible.

With relation to your masters, how was the experience of living in London?

London is a dream for any type of musician or artist. Here there’s art and music for everybody all the time. That experience has been fundamental for my degree and my music.

How did the people receive your sound there in London? Also, tell us about your sets at the party “Club Popozuda.”

I was really well received here in London and in Europe in general. Everybody loves our music. I’m strange guy around here. (laughs) My sets at Popozuda are my mashups with Baile Funk; there are dancers, I do the set from live with MPC (in my case MPD32). The audience goes crazy dancing. Favela Chic has become my home here.

With respect to your Project 365, tell us why you came up with the idea and how it feels to be bringing it to a close (since we’re already in December).

Without a doubt, it’s my biggest project to date. It’s an absurd amount of work, but I’m happy with the result. My woman had the idea when we were joking three days before New Year’s, and I took the joke seriously.

Finishing the 365, what can we expect from João Brasil?

I’m going to release my first EP with Man Recordings with  Lovefoxxx, Marina Gasolina and Gaby Amarantos participating. 2011 is going to be another year of remixes, my own music and productions, and a lot of touring. I’m going to tour Europe, Asia and the US.

Well, you’ve produced a lot of mashups with Baile Funk. We know that there was a Baile Funk boom in the international electronic music scene, with Diplo, Mann Recordings, M.I.A. and Bonde do Role. Do you think Baile Funk has won its own space or do you think it was just a global trend?

Funk will always have its space, I still think it hasn’t reached the half-way point of its journey. Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce did nothing with Baile Funk. We still have a lot of work to do.

What do you think about the Brazilian musical styles, like Tecnobrega and Baile Funk, that are getting attention in the global scene

I still think that they are gaining popularity in a specific market. Either the market for alternative electronic music or Global Ghetto. There’s still a lot to grow. I think one day it’s going to reach the masses.

Which MC has gotten your attention most lately? And which music producer?

In Brazil in the funk scene, I’ve really been liking Mc Gi and Sapabonde (who I met here with you guys) and in rap, I’m a fan of Emicida. Here outside, I’ve been listening to a lot of Theophilus Landon, Kanye West (obviously) and Jay-Z. I’m listening to a lot of rap. (laughs)

Give us a Top 5 of Baile Funk.

That’s really hard! I like everything. Haha. I’ll go with the classics and the ones that come to my head right now.

1 – Rap do pirão 2 – Som de preto – Amilka e Chocolate 3 – Se ela dança, eu danço – Mc Leozinho 4 – Adultério – Mc Catra 5 – Sou foda – Avassaladores

(trasnlated by: Alyse Pfei – leesy441@yahoo.com)


Club Popozuda Mixtape #5 (João Brasil)


We chossed some few tracks of begining of the year, that João Brasil produced. He has a big list of music produced this year, like 360, so the choice was very hard.

Boom Boom Nana (João Brasil)

One more batucada (João Brasil)

Bolete mine (João Brasil)

Get pet (João Brasil)

Smells pra dançar (João Brasil)

Dig Minigame (João Brasil)

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