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Interview with Deize Tigrona

There is a long time we wanted to talk a little with Deize Tigrona, and in February/2011 year we made it and wetalk meet her personally. One very simple and humble person, with a big talent and excellent feeling of music and crowd. We talk with this Queen of Funk and learned more about funk carioca scene: (para ler a entrevista em português, clique aqui)

How did you start your career and who is Deize Tigrona?

I began out on a court here in Cidade de Deus, that’s Coroado in Cidade de Deus, making rhymes during battles between girls, and so I liked it and I haven’t stopped singing since. After several stage names, I identified myself as Tigrona, since I’m calm but I know how to act at just the right time. Hahaha.

How was your time with Daniel Haaksman?

It was really good. He’s a very professional person and he knows music currents really well.

How was it producing for a foreign name that’s interested in Brazilian Baile Funk?

It was great, because it’s the way that our music from the favela is getting heard in different countries and having a place in foreign hits.

Tell us about your experience publicizing Baile Funk around the world.

Really rewarding, because people always like the Carioca (from Rio) beat a lot.

What are your thoughts about this new movement that they call Neo Baile Funk?

I think that music in and of itself doesn’t have barriers and the tendency is always to innovate.

How is Funk Carioca doing today? Has it changed much since the time when you started?

Well, I think that today Funk Carioca has a place in society and respect amongst music groups. Relating to the time when I started, I think there’s more acceptance and less discrimination against it.

What can we expect from Deize Tigrona in terms of releases?

I’ve made a lot of connections and I have a lot of ideas in mind for new releases.

You paired up with Tigarah. How was it singing with her?

It was really good cuz she has rhythm and she holds it down really well.

Is there a big difference in the way that foreigners and Brazilians see Funk?

I think that both foreigners and Brazilians see funk in a way that it’s not very respected. We still have lots of barriers to overcome, but I know that it was the same with Samba and it’s going to be the same with Funk.

A big kiss to everyone at Funk na Caixa and to everyone who likes Funk. 

Injeção – Dj Malboro e Deize Tigrona

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