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Interview with Argerax

We recently received an email from a very nice Argentinian who told us that was a blend of rap and funk. We do not understand very well how would this experience could be, but these days, when we heard the CD done by our friend (yes, it is our Argentinean friend) Argerax we got a surprise. A very interesting album in which the producer is MC, and has nice bases funk carioca, mixing a little of the influence of rap and the sonority of Argentina. We were interested in knowing more about our neighbor, and here’s a interview with him (if you were curious to hear the CD, just below is the page to found the link to download):

Tell us about the first time you came into contact with Baile Funk

I can divide it into two parts. The first time that I heard about it was in an Argentinean newspaper that was talking about music from Rio, a descendent of Miami Bass. They talked about violence and tough stories about that, but I hadn’t listened to it.

But the first time I heard it was on a trip to the south of Brazil and I thought that funk was something that had to do with Break Dance. But they told me that it was “funky.” It was there I realized that it was funk that I had read about, since in Argentina, it’s completely unheard of. That was in 2006.

You’ve already been in Brazil?

Many times. I have pictures of when I was a baby in Brazil. They’re pictures from the border with Uruguay. And there have been lots of visits since then.

What do you think about the Baile Funk scene here in Brazil?

I don’t think a lot about it and I don’t reflect on the scene either, but I enjoy it and I accept it. I like the way that the scene evolves and how it expands, despite that it’s seen badly by society.

Have you already gotten to go to a funk party in Rio de Janeiro? If so, tell us how the experience was.

I’ve gone to lots of parties that have baile funk and I’ve had a very good time, but I’ve never been to a real funk party. But I really want to go.

Tell us, how can an Argentinean like baile funk?

For you all, baile funk is something that was born in Brazil, but since I was little, I’ve liked Miami Bass and I’m one of the only ones in Argentina to produce that type of music. When I listened to funk, I felt like I wasn’t alone in the southern hemisphere. I adopted the “tamborzão” to give a new face to my productions. And I felt part of that; I have the same origin.

Have you already begun to sing funk in Argentina? How did the people there like it?

Everybody liked it. The girls love to dance, the guys like the rhythm. And since it’s in Spanish, they understand it easily. With that, they invited me to play in more places, along with my usual hip hop.

Tell us, what’s the music scene like in Argentina?

Hmmmm, Argentina is different. I feel like the music produced in the country isn’t viewed as important. It’s less important than soccer. In Argentina, people like rock and roll, electronic music, minimal, cumbia and folclore music, in the most. We have to achieve more space, from my side, for example, which is hip-hop, bass and baile funk, but from day to day we gain more and more ground. People need new things.

With the help of Bass Radio, were you able to make the style that you’ve been playing more popular?

Of course. I was playing in the shadows. I only played for foreigners, I thought the people that listened to Argentinean hip hop wouldn’t understand. But it was with the partnership that I made with my friends from Bass Radio that I gained momentum and we co-produced a lot of music and even had our first shows in many cities in Argentina. And thanks to them, I met many new people and especially the new wave of DJs.

What are your best productions?

I’ve made a lot of music and they’ve been released little by little on the Internet, but now my album is ready and it’s free. You can download it at www.bassradio.net or www.argerax.com. I put the best ones on it, but soon I’ll have a lot more.

Ok. What would be your Top 5 of baile funk?

1. Rap das Armas– Cidinho and Doca (It’s an international success, even in Argentina)

2. Diretoria– Mc Primo (I really like the style of this mc and the beats were influential too)

3. Vai dar esa zora hoje – MCs Quebra Tudo (It was my first encounter with the new Carioca style and the video… it’s cool)

4. Minha facção– Catra and MC Barriga (I like the hardness of rhythm and I know the lyrics are violent; It seemed interesting to me that something liked that existed)

5. Ela so pensar em beijar– MC Leozinho (I liked it because I was dancing to that at a nightclub without knowing it was baile funk, in Camboriú, I liked the idea that baile funk can be a total success, pop and for everyone too)


Entra en accion-Argerax feat. Sutil y Buyer

Apolo 11, feat argerax y yosu -preparate

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