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Interview with André Pipipi

This handsome man in the photo, is best known as André Pipipi. Resident and creator of the Party Beats(on RJ) , it is also a producer and DJ in his spare time. André has made good remixes of funk and with great subtlety can embed the baile funk beats in electronic music well known, leaving it there a charm Brazilian remixes. We talked with the producer to understand a little more of the electronic music scene in Rio de Janeiro and their productions:

(link para entrevista em Português)

How was your first contact with baile funk? As a child I listened to much radio. Incidentally, I always had a very large contact with music in general. Since baby could only sleep listening to music. But it was about a 9 / 10 years that I started to listen to radio direct Manchete FM, which had a daily program with lots of Baile Funk music of the time. And the great thing was that when the program launched a new song per day. And it had to vote to choose the name of “Melo”. Loved it. It was very addictive.

Tell us, how is the eletronic music scene on Rio de Janeiro Unfortunately the Rio de Janeiro is experiencing a moment the alternative music scene in general is being bombarded with numerous parties held by DJs with very little quality. This makes the criterion of the general public to decay. And that eventually reach the scene of electronic components, which ends up getting stuck with a small audience, but very true. Anyway, I believe in the power to recreate the scene and pass this turbulent time.

To be in Rio de Janeiro, the audience receive better the baile funk or still having a preconception? Somehow still rolls a prejudice, even with current productions as electrofunk, BaileFunk and Neo Baile Funk. But there will always be an audience that understands the funk as Brazilian electronic music, and encourages new productions and DJs who like to play this style of music. But this is still something very new. Failure to reach the masses. But I’m assuming that we can win by exhaustion.

Many artists from favela comes to clubs or it happens just when some track turn into hit, like Mc Leozinho with Se ela dança eu Danço or the famous Créu. If we see the side of the alternative music scene in Rio, it does not. Few are the parties who invest in the interaction between electronic music and BaileFunk. But I think the public is beginning to understand this mix, which will only increase in the near future, the chance of even more artists from the slums to present themselves in alternative locations in Rio

You have making good productions, how is your creative process? Recently a Canadian band, The Dirty Tees, contacted me and asked me a remix of BaileFunk disclosure of their first album. Outside these cases, it is normal to hear a song and think about “atabaque” and drums in the background. Do some tests on Ableton Live, and if I feel this remix has a future, work on it.

Tell us about your carrier as Dj and Producer

I started as a DJ in 2007 after having already completed a course that was here in Rio, with DJ Yanay. After roles in parties of friends, decided to produce my own, BEATS, because I realized that the music I enjoyed playing and listening do not fit into any existing party then at the time. After an edition in 2007 and again in 2008, I decided that 2009 should be the year for the disclosure, and I invited a friend (DJ Flavio Quest) to produce the party together. Since then there has been a success.

As a producer began in 2009. I was always impressed with the quality that the producers did with the original music turn to another completely different. And always played music remixed on my set. It was like a natural evolution. I began to study through videos on Youtube and worked in late 2009 in Ableton Live my first remix: YYYs – “Heads Will Roll” (A-Trak Remix) (Andre Pipipi Baile Funk Edit). In 2010 I tried to collect many samplers to improve my production and since then I’ve been producing regularly.

Have you played here in São Paulo or do you know the music scene? I played in 2008 at a rock party, Sound. And that was the only. I would love to be back playing in Brazil, now much more experienced, and quite liked the audience. With invitations will, no doubt! And I have to admit I know little of the scene of SP, but the little I know I can say that it is much better than we have here in Rio

Which is the producers that draws more your attention? There are two producers who call me a lot of attention today: Ophex and LunyP. Impresses me the quality of productions. Further if we take into account the place where they live (Lithuania and Australia). It is these times that I realize that BaileFunk has become a global style. But I must mention the work of Sany Pitbull and DJ Marlboro. Each with its own style, but that each day only magnify the motion.

Which is the Mc that draws more your attention? In SP like the work of Xis. In Rio I love the style loud and mocking of the Gorila.

What you think about gringos that produces baile funk? I believe they were the foreigners that somehow drew our attention to the fact that the Baile Funk is the great Brazilian electronic music. And this recognition has been precisely through the growing interest in producing them within the genre. Especially when mixed with music sites like Ophex ever done. And that kind of thing I think sensational for the evolution of the movement.

Which is your Top 5 from baile funk? 1 – Interest Funk Cidinho e Doca – “Rap da Felicidade” MC Bob Run – “Rap do Silva”

2 – Lovely Funk MC Marcinho – “Rap do Solitário” Coiote e Raposão – “Estrada da Posse”

3 – Funk Melody Stevie B – “Spring Love”

4 – Funny Funk “Rap do Surfista” “Melô do Marimbondo” MC Batata – “Feira de Acari” DJ Cuca – “Melô do sabonete”

5 – Funk Gringo Each one from Diplo

Oh yes, last question, Why the name Andre Pipipi? This response comes in 2 parts … hehehe … why the first term Pipipi. It was like the grandmother of a friend of mine called the videogames: “You are going to be playing with these games that make Pipipi …”. At this time, as a teenager, I had talked easily with the games. She earned around the world, beat records and always passed the stages impossible. Ended up joining one thing to another. And I got that nickname has some 18 years, but they are the ones that are for life! 🙂

Granada – Everyone Wants to (Andre Pipipi Baile Funk Remix)

The XX – Islands (Andre Pipipi Baile Funk Remix):

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