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Hungry Sam – The famishing producer

Something common is, the producer of electro music get in touch with beats of baile funk and get love with it. In this case, this famishing producer get the acapellas of  Mc Gi and made some spectacular productions and remixes. We from Funk na Caixa, must talk with him and we offered a nice sanduich called “Interview”. Here comes, the Hungry Sam:

(Link para entrevista em português)

well, I heard your remix to Mc Gi and definitely love it. You got the essence of baile funk and put your side of eletronic music. Until you remix Mc Gi, do you knew baile funk? How is to remix a Mc from Baile Funk?

I know Baile Funk since almost 5 or 6 years, from the first time i heard it i was in love with this music. I was in brazil for one month 3 years ago and i’ve been trying to find Baile Funk mcs to work with but i was in Salvador de Bahia and  Baile Funk wasn’t very big in the north of Brazil at this time, it was so frustrating. Finally i’ve met Mc Gi on myspace and felt “artisticly in love” with her.

Tell us about your carrier.

My carrier begun very early in my life, i’ve always been cooking some beats and loops on crappy machines and pc when i was a teen, i was fascinated by the fact that you can mix and melt every kind of music together. I deeply love hip hop music and i’ve always considered and i’m still considering myself as a beat maker. For the moment my carrier is full of remixes, few original tracks released on different compilation, the release of a maxi on Boxon Records called “Electro Pimp For Life”, i’m still waiting for my big moment, i’m sure things are going to move in 2011.

So, you find the Mc gi, have another MC’s you want to work? With Mc Gi, which is the plans? You have 3 remixes with she, we can wait for more?

I would definity love to release something with MC Gi with Original tracks and remix we’re actually seriously thinking about doing something together.

These is the girl called Pantera – Os Danadinhos. I’ve been looking for her since many years because this track is quiet old now but i’ve never found nothing about her. She is like a ghost, she made one of the best baile funk rap that i’ve heard, i would love to hear more from her and of course work with her.

There is also this girl, Zuzuka Poderosa, from NYC that i’d love to work with she has really great mcing skills.

You are french, how the french’s receive the baile funk in clubs? Talking about club music, what is hot in France? Well…actually you are in London, so how people receive your remixes of baile funk.

Baile Funk is not very big in France, most of the time people like it during the party but they don’t really know this music but things are slowly changing. I really think that Baile Funk need to be “europeanized” a little bit to really pleased their hears. Actually i’m in France again and i plan to go to NYC and maybe try to live in USA.

Most of the people like my Baile Funk remix and shake their asses but i’m still waiting for my big moment and to find a good label.

Witch is your top 5 of baile funk musics?

Wow that’s a tough question, i love a lot of Baile Funk mc’s but the thing that make the real difference for me is the beat, i’ve tried to make a list :

5 – Blood Shake & MC Gi – Mexico Caliente (Original Mix)


4 – Bonde do Rolê – Gasolina ( Radioclit Remix)


3 – Acidkids feat. Marina – Big Foot ( SCHLACHTHOFBRONX Remix)


2 – Bonde do Role – Solta o Frango


and of course :

1 -Diplo – Percão


We can say in 2005-2006 has a big boom of baile funk in international audience, with Diplo, Favela on Blast, Man Recordings and M.I.A. Do you think the baile funk owned your space on ‘eletronic music scene’? Or it was just a hype of baile funk….

Baile Funk was very trendy and had a very big moment on the international scene but now that the hype is lower there’s still a large audience and a huge demand for this music. Baile Funk’s artists and Djs really need to be clever and to bring this music on an higher level, it’s up to us. for me the main thing is to work harder on the beats and the production because the majority of the people who are not from Brazil or don’t know Baile Funk are not used to this music’s sonority, that why we have(that’s what i think) melt Baile Funk with other styles so people can have an introduction to this music and then become real “Baile Funk addict” … Hahaha !

Mc Gi – Quer Romance (HUNGRY SAM Remix)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/mc-gi-quer-romance-hungry-sam-remix.mp3

A.L.P.H.A – Gangxta Shit (HUNGRY SAM Rmx)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/a-l-p-h-a-gangxta-shit-hungry-sam-rmx.mp3

The Gym – Pliz Come Back To Me(HUNGRY SAM Rmx)https://funknacaixa.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/the-gym-pliz-come-back-to-mehungry-sam-rmx.mp3

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